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  • The inconvenient truth about love – and divorceshark August 17, 2016
    We think of modern marriage as an institution of love — but when love ends, we cling to old-fashioned stories about divorce. Astro Teller and Danielle Teller suggest we take a more humane, empathetic look at the end of a marriage. When Gwyneth Paltrow announced her split from her husband... [Read More]

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When You Think Your Love Story Is Boring

He drove us all home 18 hours over two days. Three kids and hundreds of miles and potty breaks and princess pull-ups, the car covered in the markers I’d bought for window art. Turns out the soft beige ceiling of a mini van makes a perfect canvas. Rainbow swirls color…

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naked pose

Showing Up: The Single Most Important Thing a Friend Can Do

As an advice columnist, I receive a lot of letters from people about the trouble they have making and keeping friends as adults. As I get older — I’ll be 38 in a few days — I’ve noticed several things about friendships: they’re harder to make and keep as your…

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Wineglass on Table

Letter to…My Unsuspecting Husband

I am sure you have been wondering why I have been in floods of tears all week. Why I keep breaking down, sobbing uncontrollably, for no apparent reason. The truth is hard to acknowledge. The reason I cannot hold myself together, that I am staring into space, unable to concentrate,…

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